Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cat Hand Shake

This cat is just too cute. All fluffy and fat. Just watch what it can do. You might have to wait abit though through the video.


Monday, April 11, 2011

NO Bullshit to NO English

So the government is now making a study shall Sciences and Maths be taught in both English and Malay. Why waste time? Having revoked the previous implementation of teaching Maths and Sciences in English, now making the subjects bi-lingual?

Here's the situation these days:
  1. Educational resources are mostly in English
  2. Story books from all genres are in English
  3. Many great songs are in English
  4. We study English from primary 1 to form 5 (at least 11 years of formal English education)
  5. Labels, advertisements, tags are all in English
After the few elements that are delivered in English as above, why are there still many people having poor fluency in the usage of the language? I would just maintain it with teaching entirely in English.

My parents came from the typical Malay kampung of the olden days; poor, less exposure to the English language. How would their situation justify for their great grasp on the language?
  1. They have passion for reading. My mum for example, is an avid reader of everything and she raised me to be a book-worm as well. From young I was inculcated to read in my free time and I thank her for that. This truly helped in enriching my vocabulary and construction of sentences.
  2. Vocalise the language. I've many friends who, like my parents, comes from the deepest and most remote of kampung yet they have the initiative to read English, listen to English and ultimately speak English. Kudos!
Some might say that I'm blessed to be raised in an English-speaking family which allows me to have a better, but not the best grasp on this universal language. But our parents are not as fortunate to have their parents speaking English.

So if people still give the excuses of not being able to speak the language fluently because of whatever reason in the world, seriously, stop bullshitting because the person themselves chose to bullshit themselves on not being able to speak English.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Notice how we humans, when we have no desire to use an object, it would be present there but when someday we have a need for it, it would be missing.

Notice how we humans, when we try to search for the car keys, we fail to find it but later you would realise it was actually in your hands all the while.

Notice how we humans, when it is too cold, we complain of the chill, but when it's too warm, we throw tantrum at the heat.

Notice how we humans, when we have that someone around, we choose to not treat the person well but when the person is gone, we would miss the person.

Notice how we humans, often live in regrets.