Thursday, August 30, 2012

Far Yu (For You)

A month of great sunshine,
To have been in honour of your presence,
A great blessing of pure love,
How I was made to soar from one touch,
With your simple smile and low voice,
And how unfortunate I never had a photo with you.

These words are permanently marked into my heart,
"You are a wonderful person, you made me smile first time in 4 months",
During your oncall night:
"Since you're going to sleep, I'm just gonna whisper and say I like the way your hands fit into mine".
And as you were about to fly:
"I don't know why but I'm already missing you, and correct me if I'm wrong, your eyes look sad.

You did not just scarred my heart,
But you also scarred my right cheek,
I took it as a flaw,
But now I see it as a mark of love,
For now I would remember you everytime I look into the mirror.

Such great adoration I had for you,
Your principles of loyalty and transparency,
Your priorities in wealth,
Your values towards friendship and family,
Your determination in striving for your dad's challenge,
Your OCD, cleanliness and neatness,
Your intelligence, oh how I am blown away,
Your maturity and integrity, thoughts of vision for success,
Your sincerity, sigh I don't have any replenishment for my night cream and moisturiser,
Your humor and wittiness despite being horrible at spelling.

My heart shatters, not to pieces but ashes,
For gluing it back together is not the challenge,
But to simply locate the bits of it, is,
How I miss you, your scent, how it remain in my hands and memory,
For I know I could never have it back as your perfume is unavailable locally.

I won't stop the right from the wrong,
For that is your desire and I will flee your heart,
Sacrificing you means sacrificing part of my soul,
Sacrificing a great joy which I mistakenly thought would last,
For only admiration I would have for your next love,
Oh how lucky your next love would be.

What saddens me more,
I never had the chance to say it,
Nor you had the opportunity to say it to me,
Those three words that lovers should.
For I would say it now not that it matters,
Yes, I love you.
And goodbye. 

I'm so hollow
So this has been For You