Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ticking To The Corner

Only the clock has been my friend,
Ticking to the thunders of the day,
For my heart often sits alone,
Beating on one while the other is amiss.

I just don't wish to wait any further,
When work takes your time I comprehend,
But when work ends, I still sat by the clock,
And your words still missing but only hear the voice of my sorrow.

Confusion of what should be done,
Uncomprehending on when it should be made,
I want to stay, I really want to make this happen,
But I feel I'm being chased away,
You said you have done what's right,
You mentioned you have offered only the best,
You believe you performed your best.

I'm scared,
For I could only wait and wait and wait,
But I could not see for how long more I'll wait,
Until you start counting my steps away.