Sunday, February 27, 2011

Petals of Two

In the garden of passion,

For the divine rose I quest,

Glisten with the purest of radiance,

Blooming majestially above the rest.

Abundance of petals in love,

Arranged resplendently of white and red,

Flew above the gazing white dove,

Blessing my treasure offerred.

Emanating the perfume of trust and care,

With great sweetness of the brilliant mind,

For everything and with everything we share,

As we hope for this to continuously shine.

For half a season I've had you,

For bounteous sunshine I want to love you.


  1. red rose = love
    white rose = Purity, Innocence.
    red + white rose = True love?

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  3. haniff: hehe isi hati kan

    zaid: red + white = perfection

  4. Two roses entwined together communicate "Marry me"

  5. wooww . nice one hanif ! ;)