Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Home Made Salad

Others would often have their first blog posts describing about themselves, welcoming others to their blog or even filled the post with their pictures.

I'll make mine different. I want to write about what I had for dinner today.

It's a new beginning for me as it was the first time I made my own salad. Well honestly I'm not a salad guy but I was inspired to have them for dinner for various reasons.

2 weeks ago my cousin had her wedding reception at Delicious and she had ceasar salad served as the appetiser. It had lettuces, mushrooms, croutons and some other scrumptious unidentified objects in it and it tasted simply awesome.

Another reason is simply because my mum and brother need to go on a diet so they have me joining in their "lose-weight program".

This is kinda how my salad look like (sorry didn't take any pictures of my food as I didn't plan to start a blog yet then)

So here's my recipe for an awesome home-made ceasar salad:

1. A few leaves of lettuce

2. Some brocollis

3. Some cauliflowers

4. Approximately 4 dashes of Kraft's Caesar Dressing

Kraft should have paid me for this free advertising
What could make this salad much more appetising and perhaps have it as a more balance meal, croutons could be added and perhaps chicken chunks as well.
Hopefully I'll be able to continue with this pretty yummy diet!


  1. Haha! Kraft from germany!!!!!!!!! happy!

  2. zaid: really? i'll add french fries then next time

    tony: hehehe long live kraft!