Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Untold Truth

Do you know how it feel when he is just there, but you can't reach him?
He was the one who is suppose to support and love you, but you got almost none
He is the one to say "don't worry, if I'm around, no one can hurt you", but you got hurt, merely by his absence
He is the one to praise you but you mostly get criticism

Do you know how it feels when you get injustice treatment by him?
For lying to you
For not fully loving you
For hoping to gain something from the kindness you gave

All along I was not returned the love I deserve
Merely words
Emotionless for what you did

You never had to go through what I suffered
You are just happy and gay there but I was not
I had you always in my mind but yours was filled with them, only

Why make me when you don't want me?


  1. Life is not easy, but it is not meant to be difficult either.

  2. So many unanswered questions, so many uncertainty, and ure left behind in the dark alone vulnerable.

    It's gonna be a hell of a road down bro. I hope you will be strong to go thru it

  3. find someone other. you want happyness, find them. be strong. god is with you ok. dont be sad. it is not good. be happy =)

  4. thanx guys for the support. actually alhamdulillah im ok with my situation, except that this dark feelings comes once in a while. not as easy as u guys thing to simply replace the individual. no such thing as replacement as well.