Friday, December 23, 2011

Loathing The Leeches Life

Feeling the resilient foundation,
Underneath my unsettling feet,
For I hoped to be given,
Only for what I gave,
But neither my soul were replenished,
With the fountain of love.

For underneath my feet,
Shook the heaven's sky,
For I hoped to be told,
Only the truth of your emotions,
But neither my body was returned,
Returned to the state of bliss.

For I still am me,
The me for the past year,
The me who was fooled,
And the me who remained hope.

I can never comprehend,
Your desires for the imperfect perfection,
Yet all I gave you was what you said you desired,
But all you saw was my fall,
My inadequacies,
My weaknesses and my ugliness.

You were respected my love,
You were the one I followed,
I carried you above my wings of joy,
Heavy you were but I rather be trampled,
But trampled without compassion was your gift for me.

He is not in any way more intelligent than what you have,
For he requested your money but I rejected yours,
For he gave you a filth of class yet I am a royalty,
For he is my opposite,
My disgust and my assured revulsion.

I am shocked by you,
You are the person I wish I had never knew.

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