Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reshattered (Written In Your Colour)

I reminisce on what I see,
Everywhere and everytime I had the touch of you,
How it tears my sight,
My heart wish to not succumb to the call of the impossible,
You were there and now gone,
Somewhere I know I can never be in your embrace.

Missing my days at work,
Your presence for meals or just for me,
How I remember while movies we watched,
The warmth of your scent, my sweet surrender to your comfort,
How we search for the modern technology,
Tented on my bag everywhere, acting as my hand,
The Immortals we watched at the end of the room,
In each others embrace and love,
Passionate lips meeting and hugs,
Always inadequate, always with love,
Driving is always a joy with your hand in mine,
With your thoughts resting on my shoulder.

Missing is just part of you being gone,
The perplexity of my emotions is uncomprehending,
To forgive you is divine,
For I gave my whole self yet you gave me your unknown,
To forgive is not I am capable,
But my wishes for happiness stands with me,
For I never fall.

You, you and you,
My complete soul was devoted to you,
And now I learned,
For perfection never exist,
For true love could be impossible.

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