Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Love of Non To Compare

The guitar strings may be broken,
One by one perish to two pieces,
Losing its melody, its fine tune,
Yet music is still being played,
Flowing pleasure into the ears of many,
Blanketing sour to smiles,
Overwhelming the ugly to great beauty.

Honey, towers may collapse,
Hearts may break,
The clouds may fall from the heavens,
But not your spirit,
Nor your love and pure heart,
Would ever be ruined, 
Nor be unfounded,
For your passion for life grows stronger,
Making the best of your power,
To make me smile as how you have always done,
And to make others around you feel nothing but more love,
For you.

Honey, we will be here,
For the worse of views,
And for the best of memories,
Pictures once taken would never change,
But more beautiful as we recall and see it tomorrow,
You will be in the middle, the darling, the baby, the sayang,
You'll be the strongest,
Fighting your way through,
For only a warrior would be able to overcome this,
And you definitely lead the army of faith and sincerity,
The weapons of courage and perseverance,
The armour of compassion and empathy.

Honey, we love you,
I love you,
And we will be here, yes we will be here,
A vow on my soul,
And on all of ours, 
For you truly became the light of the many,
The love of non to compare.


  1. This means the world to me. I just can't stop crying.. I am scared but I am definitely loved.. You are such an amazing being. I can't thank you enough. For never judging me, for always being around when I need you most, and for the never ending support of wisdom and love. I love you beyond any words can say