Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Review: 127 Hours

So it was a great evening for me to be able to have some awesome steamboat buffet with a bunch of people I love, then we watched '127 Hours' at the Summit USJ (god, I hate this place). So here are my views on it.


Basically it's very simple. Based on a true story about this carefree, happy-go-lucky dude who was trapped for 127 hours inside this very small but deep crack in the earth. His hand got stuck beneath a heavy but small bolder. So it was basically about him reflecting on who he has been in the past and about significant people he has in his lives.

So that's the small but heavy bolder.You'll notice his right forearm is stuck beneath it

Gotta warn you, there are some gruesome scenes in the movie which, personally as a health personnel, I too feel squeamish watching. So you've been warned.


James Franco

Well since the plot was very simple, it doesn't impose much challenge to the actors to convey deep emotions. Even when Aron (played by James Franco) had to convey those expressions during the reflective moments, they expressions were not very deep.


Since Aron was mostly on his own, there were not many dialogues unless during the reflections. With that said, you can expect the script to be very simple.

Overall, the movie was pretty straightforward. It's alot like watching the movie 'Buried', played by Ryan Renolds. Both are equally boring but Buried has more happenings compared to 127 Hours.

Buried: Ryan Renolds.

Rating: 3/5


  1. i dont really understand buried was all about . :O dah tengok twice dah . still tak paham . the whole story's setting , coffin tu je . i was like -____-"

  2. and the ending was just urgghh, horrible