Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Person I Am

After having 8 posts in this newbie blog of mine, perhaps I should introduce to you abit on the writer (Zzzzz Boring, who the hell wana know about me?). Anyway, let me just share bits of the soul of Mr. Hanif Shawn himself, courtesy of yours truly.

I'm a Malay and I speak Malay, English, Chinese and abit of Tamil (1Malaysia?). I have great passion in my work as a physiotherapists as it is so great that when I have treated a patient and they would come back to me saying "hey, after u treated me the other day, my pain is gone!" and i screamed too in joy!

As a person, I feel that I can be quite assertive at times. I notice I would speak my mind alot which could be a huge disadvantage in this close-context Malaysian culture. The interesting thing about Malaysian culture is the young are not allowed to disagree with the mature group (in other words aged or old people, excuse me). So I would try to stand for what I believe in and that would cause me to blurt out my opinions to virtually whoever that stands in my way. Hopefully this is not regarded as arrogance (many Malaysians think it is) but I feel that if there is a better way of doing things, why not?

I love Dr. Mahathir. Not to say that I support BN and not to imply that I support PKR (personally I can disagree with actions from both parties but I'll keep my choice to my self). But I see Dr. Mahathir as a person who is able to shine as a small fish amongst the huge whales-governments like the US and the UK. He is a man who would say No when he means No and say Yes when he means Yes. He has vision, and his vision for Malaysia came true. A leader produce, a follower profuse (as in sweat). Dr. M is a risk taker, obviously from his actions of building the Petronas Twin Tower during the economic depression (he is one crazy men but guess what, his craziness pays).

Oooh I forgot to introduce myself. I was given the name Hanif in a certain November amongst the Generation Y population. I have jet black hair but somehow after I dyed my hair burgundy last year August, and even after having my hair cut numerous times, I think the colour is still there, amazing!

I love having Japanese food (how cliche), Malay food (who could resist ikan patin masak lemak?) and definitely Italian. My mum loves to cook all the different pastas you could ever see on the supermarket shelf and she made it so simple yet scrumptious. I don't bake cakes but she does (I thought I'm suppose to talk about the author of this blog, not his mother).

Well thank you everyone for following this blog of mine and for leaving your prints in the comment boxes. Love u guys! Peace out yaw!


  1. You were given the name Haniff recently ke? i tak paham that paragraph. before ni u nama apa?

    anyway, i like reading your blog about the casual life. keep up the good work.

    dont worry im not trying to hit on you. just like reading.

    -aswat zephyr.

    p.s. add me on fb

  2. Zephyr: i appreciate your comment. Lol the name was given to me between the year 1985 to now (generation Y years, so basically i was born sometime then). thanx for your comment. have a blog urself?

    tony: thanx tony! semangat hidup!

  3. boleh berkenalan x? (nadia tichan hehe)

  4. Haha. Hai Haniff. Baru kenal siapa Haniff lepas baca post ni.

  5. Mr Blur: betul ke kenal? spelling my name pun salah