Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Work Place: iRehab, Subang Jaya

I started working today as a physiotherapist in this newly opened clinic located in SS17, Subang Jaya (I'm so blessed as it's less than 10 minutes drive from my house).

It's a beautiful clinic, everything is so new and clean. It's owned by Ms. Zalilah Salleh Ghany, the honorary secretary of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA). She's just an awesome boss, very open, smart, a visionary as well have great intentions of helping students to develop themselves.

There's a great combination of people there with physiotherapists from UiTM (me), MAHSA, Masterskill and Unisel. For my first day, perhaps everything still seems like I'm looking through a rosy mirror but I enjoyed my first day as everyone was very friendly, helpful and willing to share the skills and knowledge that they have. It's a conducive environment for a productive and efficient work.

On the right is the tilt table and beside it is the ergonometer. As you can see by the wall is the wall bar with therabands hanging on it

Here's the parallel bar. As you can see the walls are fully covered by mirrors, great for biofeedback

That's the treadmill and beside it is a machine which is great in training for stability. You'll notice the gymballs to the left of the stability-training machine and going more to the left would be the entrance to the treatment area.

Here's an awesome machine called the Andullation machine. It basically uses electrostatic charges to massage the whole body or event perform joint mobilisation. It is also able to increase the body's metabolism which helps in weight reduction.

Here's the Bobath plinth as well as other plinths. If you look closely, there are some electrotherapeutic modalities behind those curtains.

Here's the Motomed machine beside the Bobath plinth. Superb machine (thank god I've larned how to use this machine in Hospital Melaka)

Considering the location of this clinic is in Subang Jaya, I feel that the costs of receiving treatments are relatively cheap compared to SJMC and other hospitals or private clinics. There are also packages for treatments which consist of up to 10 sessions but with a lower price compared to an individually paid 10 sessions.
So if any of you have any of the problems listed below:
  1. Back pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Stroke
  4. Post-surgical rehab
  5. Paediatrics related diseases or syndromes
  6. Requires weight management
  7. Vestibular related problems (eg: Vertigo)

Drop by for a free assessment.

Clinic is open everyday as below:

  • Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 9pm
  • Saturdays & Sundays: 9am - 6pm
The webpage for iRehab is www.irehab.com.my. Do check it out!


  1. since when this place bukak?

  2. they said in february. do come by! ehehe

  3. zaid: it is. do drop by.

    tony: anytime tony, thats my specialty

    btw gonna upload new pics on the center